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Advanced Analysis of Reading Ability for the Early Childhood and Elementary School Educator
EDUC 9103, Fitchburg
This course is based upon the scientific research reported in the National Reading Panel: Teaching Children To Read (1999), and is designed to give elementary teachers in-depth knowledge of advanced assessment and analysis skills of reading ability. Participants will explore concepts addressing different facets of the reading assessment process from primary and secondary sources, including peer reviewed journals. Course participants will construct a battery of qualitative assessments for use in their own classes.

Algebra for the PreK - 8 Teacher - Mathematics Content in a Standards Based Environment
(MTED 8001, Fitchburg)
Participants will develop a global perspective on the challenges of delivering a comprehensive mathematics curriculum. Mathematical content to be covered will include: Numeration and Number Theory, Tools of Algebra, Linear Equations, Non -Linear Equations and Functions, Inequalities, Elements of Geometric Figures, Geometric Relationships, Ratio, Proportion, Percent, Data Analysis, and Problem Solving. Additional topics to be covered include an investigation of the Massachusetts Mathematics Curriculum Framework, current trends and research findings and content extensions that will improve student learning in Mathematics.

Applying Learning Style Research to Instruction: Responding to Differences in Learning, Personality, and Behavior
Observation is the key to identifying HOW others behave and learn. Classroom techniques will offer teachers means to identify and to respond better to the many ways children behave and learn. Specific models/ tests for behavior patterns, personality patterns, learning patterns and thinking patterns will be presented and examined with direct applications to both the classroom and to real-life situations.

Authentic Assessment Paradigms: Achievement, Assessment, Accountability
This course offers teachers and administrators the opportunity to design hands-on assessments and instructional activities that reflect the learning standards articulated in the Frameworks. Specific attention will be given to writing, using and evaluation assessment tools that are open-ended, performance-based and curriculum-embedded. Instructional activities which are aimed at increasing individual accountability in the understanding and practice of such methods will be presented and practiced.

Inclusion of Students with Special Needs in Regular Education
Students will analyze barriers to inclusion and develop effective strategies for integration of individuals with special needs into all aspects of the community including home, school, and work setting. Students will define and redefine their role as professionals as it relates to their philosophy of integration.

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