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Advanced Investigations in Standards-Based Mathematics
This course provides an advanced investigation into standards based mathematics content and is designed to help early childhood teachers to critically examine how children develop major mathematical content from pre K to grade 12. An important objective is to connect each mathematical strand of the mathematics framework to content development and articulation of content development to algorithms and the major strands of the framework PreK-12. The developmental progression of skills beyond the early childhood years will be analyzed to provide the early educator with advanced mathematical scope and sequence content to advance their own mathematical knowledge. Core materials will deal with actual classroom cases that illustrate the mathematical thinking of students and the place prerequisites play in developing mathematical ideas and their relationship to problem solving PreK-12. In addition, to reading, discussing and analyzing these cases, participants will also view and discuss video tapes of mathematics lessons and explore the actual mathematics content and mathematical thinking in the lessons. Candidates will share and discuss the work of their own students, plan, conduct, and analyze mathematics interviews of their students, write their own mathematical case studies and analyze lessons and their mathematical content from innovative early childhood, elementary and middle school mathematics curricula. An in depth review of the mathematical content research Prek-12 is an integral part of this course.

Bullying:  A Crisis in Education
EDUC 8008
The purpose of this on-line course is to enhance bullying awareness and intervention competence among education professionals across educational settings.  This awareness includes definitions, types, prevalence, severity, prevention, and intervention measures of bullying and harassment in our schools. Particular attention in this course will be paid to cyberbullying. We will also explore existing bullying prevention programs, new legal considerations/requirements, and school district policies regarding bullying and cyberbullying.  This on-line course aims to equip educators with a toolkit for daily prevention/intervention strategies to use in the classroom, as well as to foster educators’ competence in recognizing incidents of bullying.

(The) Effective Teaching of Informational Text Across the Content Areas, K-12
EDUC 8134
This course is designed to assist teachers of all subject areas in helping students become more knowledgeable in the particular content areas. By integrating the principles and practices of reading with their discipline, teachers will be able to make the subject more meaningful and enhance students' learning.

Health and Wellness Issues in the Classroom
Keeping children healthy requires that teachers possess both knowledge of health information and the skill required to pro-actively assist children in need. With a growing movement toward school-based health clinics, as well as a trend toward the in-house provision of first aid, CPR, and automatic defibrillation, this course is designed as a certifying course in advanced first aid and CPR (for those interested in certification). Trends and means to educate children to take responsibility for their own health will be the course focus.

Inclusion: Theory into Practice
Classroom practices which maximize participation for all learners will be the course’s focus. Working with specialists, with "included" students, with a class, which students as individuals - workable and realistic activities will be applied to core curricular elements.

Integrating Children's Literature Across The Curriculum, K-12
(EDUC 7000)
The course will examine children's literature for teachers including picture books, expository books, poetry, and chapter books. We will focus discussions on how each work relates to MA Curriculum Frameworks. We will discuss various techniques to use teaching literature (i.e. - vocabulary instruction, questioning strategies, and comprehension skills). We will also review the literature, share relevant experiences, and discuss appropriate responses.

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