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Litigation: Concept and Practice of Mediation
This is the third in a series of courses designed to provide the educator with a practical understanding of the relationship between the law and the classroom. Focusing on both state and federal law as it applies to schools, administrators and teachers, this course will bear directly upon issues of collective bargaining, negotiating, dismissal, harassment, and Charter schools. In each area, ancillary issues will also be considered. Teachers will read, react to, and discuss case studies involving aspects of litigation and mediation as they affect schools. A take-home examination is required.

Managing Change and Conflict: The Teacher's Role in Total Quality Management
The focus of this course will be to move our students toward empowerment, responsibility, and accountability for their own learning and their own behavior. The roles of teacher as facilitator and model of lifelong learner will be examined and specific techniques will be discussed/provided for direct application to every grade/classroom. Ancillary issues such as the roles of social units and media and the ways in which they affect the development of social and personal responsibility will also be explored.

Managing Classroom Behavior
This course is designed to assist teachers of students with diverse student populations strategies and techniques for dealing with behavior management within their classroom. Teachers will develop teaching strategies that result in the effective management of learning.

Presentation Graphics for Classrooms and Boardrooms
Students will design and develop presentations useful in their classrooms or other work places using Microsoft power Point, Time Liner for Windows and Inspiration. A digital camera, a scanner and a large clip art library will be utilized. Students will create presentations, and in doing so will learn to teach their students to create presentations of their own.

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