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Having Conversations with Difficult Students:
An Alternative to Classroom Discipline

This course will provide classroom teachers grades K-12 with insight into different psychological perspectives, most importantly Narrative Therapy. This more in depth view of the individual can be used as a tool assisting with classroom discipline. The course will allow teachers to become more knowledgeable about personality theories along with treatment modalities such as Narrative Therapy and Self-Psychology. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and learn more about how personalities and environmental factors make their way into the classroom, ie the disruptive student. A better understanding of "acting out" behavior via an eclectic approach along with real case examples will enhance ones ability to intervene with the difficult student more effectively.

Learning Disabilities and Instructional Techniques
EDUC 7630
This course is a survey of the general field of learning disabilities, including history and definitions, as well as assessment and remediation. It is designed to provide teachers with an understanding of the characteristics of learning disabilities, components of special education laws, as well as assessment and remediation of special student populations. This course will assist teachers in examining ways to prepare and maintain students with disabilities in the general education classroom. In addition, participants will gain a deep understanding of the Individual Education Plan process. Candidates will investigate content area instructional strategies, with particular emphasis on reading, writing and mathematics, which will allow diverse student populations to access the general curriculum.

The Psychology of Learning for the Inclusion of All Students
SPED 7035
This course explores classic and current theories of human development. Particular attention is given to how the understanding of each theory and its application in classroom situations contributes to the inclusion of all students in the regular education classroom.

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