Advocating for the Whole Child: Understanding the social, emotional, physical, mental and environmental health of students and its impact on school success
Through action-based research, participants will identify and analyze research around social, emotional, mental, physical, and environmental health and its impact on student overall well-being and academic achievement; survey, interview, and conduct an inventory of all programs in their district that impact the “whole-child”; identify strengths, gaps, and make recommendations; examine case studies and hear first-hand experiences from specialists in the field; and create a SMART goal to be included in their School Improvement Plan around one area that will positively impact the “whole-child” of their students.

SPED 8022 Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Candidates will examine communication options for individuals who are unable to meet their daily communication needs through speech. Emphasis will be placed on conceptual and technical aspects of augmentative and alternative communication as well as intervention strategies and procedures used by teachers when supporting and expanding the individual's ability to communicate. .

Discrete Mathematics with Applications for the Middle and High School Teacher
MTED 8006
This course is designed to cover topics in Discrete Mathematics by exploring the connection between Discrete Mathematics and real-life conditions. Some of the topics covered will include: Estate Division, Election Theory, Weighed Voting, Fair Division, Matrices, Mathematical Induction, Recursion, Combinatorics and Probability, Codes, Pascal, Euler and Hamiltonian Circuits, Graphs and Networks, Traveling Salesman Problem, Critical Path and Graph Coloring.

Psychology of Reading, Reading Development and Disabilities
READ 7017 3 cr.
This course is designed to provide analysis and discussion in the five areas of reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension. Each session will define a skill, review the evidence from research, suggest implications for classroom instruction, describe proven strategies for teaching reading skills and address frequently raised questions.

Specialized Reading Approaches
This course is designed to give students a comprehensive instruction based course focusing on a variety of specialized reading approaches used in many of today's schools. Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of language and reading development that is based in research. Candidates are expected to develop knowledge, skills and competency in utilizing current research to analyze the components of various programs developed as supplements or alternatives to regular education programs. Candidates will also develop the skills to develop effective reading instruction programs to match the needs of students with diverse and/or cultural needs.

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