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Course Descriptions

Dynamic Perspectives in Education:
EDUC 8002-51
Credit Hours: 3
This course brings together candidates across programs to examine issues facing educators today. Focalpoints will include curricular and instructional decisions, legislativemandates, diversity and special education. Examining personal biases andclarifying individual perspectives to develop professional empathy will be anintegral part of the course. This course asksstudents to analyze the philosophical underpinnings of the common issues thataffect the instructional practices of teachers and the decision made byinstructional leaders. This coursefocuses on five relevant topics that are currently shaping education today. Indoing so, student will identify and analyze the effect of these issues on thestakeholders and the eventual outcome of the interplay between instructionalpractices and instructional leadership.

Media Literacy in the 21st Century Classroom
Educators in the 21st Century have a clear choice when it comes to the media. They can compete against colossal industries that spend billions of dollars to capture the attention of students, or they can utilize those same industries to more effectively connect with their students. This course will allow participants to become better consumers of information by challenging them to create, analyze, evaluate and interact with various types of media. The class will investigate the role that television, film, music, sports, magazines, the internet, advertising and social media plays in modern society. The focus of the course will be on class discussions and cooperative group activities exploring issues which will include the power of the media to influence behavior, how the media has been transformed in recent years, and the most engaging ways that media can be used in the classroom. The course is designed to benefit all teachers regardless of experience, grade level or subjects taught.

Motivating the Unmotivated: Helping Students Develop Effective Goal Setting, Appropriate Behaviors, and Improved Academic Performance
This course is designed to help teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors effectively support students with improving academic standing, classroom behaviors, and goal setting, through a deeper understanding of motivation. When working with students, K-12, the development of personal and professional motivations must be understood in order to perceive the conflict with students who may not embrace the same motivators. Through active discussions, reading current research, and reflective practice, participants will deepen their understanding of effective motivators, develop a working knowledge of internal and external locus of control, apply knowledge of attribution theory, and strengthen their abilities to support students who appear to be disenfranchised. Multicultural factors, diverse learning challenges, and educational settings PK - 12 will be explored.

Sheltered English Instruction:
Thepurpose of this course is to prepare the Commonwealth’s teachers with theknowledge and skills to effectively shelter their content instruction, so thatour growing population of English language learners (ELLs) can accesscurriculum, achieve academic success, and contribute their multilingual andmulticultural resources as participants and future leaders in the 21st centuryglobal economy. This course meets for atotal of 36 instructional contact hours.

The course has three overarching goals:

  • Tohelp teachers effectively carry out their responsibility for theteaching and learning of ELLs as well asto understand the social and cultural issues thatcontribute to and impact theschooling of ELLs.
  • Toexpand teachers’ knowledge of how language functions within academic content teaching and learning,and how children and adolescents acquire a second language.
  • To provide teachers practical research-based protocols, methods, and strategies to
  • integrate subject area content, language, and literacy development—per the expectations of the Massachusetts English Language Development (ELD) World Class Instructional Design and Assessment(WIDA) standards—and thus to support ELLstudents’ success with the 2011 Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for English Language Arts and Literacy and Mathematics and other Massachusetts content standards.

    Supporting Students Through Grief and Loss:
    A course for ALL who work with Pre-K to 12 students
    This course is designed to help teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors effectively support students through a time of loss or grief. Virtually all those who work with children PK-12 are faced with the challenges of helping students as they experience marital separation, death of a family member or friend, or local tragedy. Through active discussions, reading current research, and reflective practice, participants will deepen their understanding of effective interventions and strengthen their abilities to support students. Multicultural factors, diverse learning challenges, and various educational settings will be explored.




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