Course Descriptions   M.Ed. Degree Program Core Courses

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Course Descriptions

Core Courses

Contemporary Issues in Education
This core course is designed to encourage students to think about the history and foundations of educational practice and issues. Students reflect upon past, current, and emerging educational practices and issues using a variety of frameworks including: historical, theoretical, social, political, and legal. The current issues discussed include relating to teaching as a profession. Particular emphasis is placed upon rethinking personal assumptions, considering alternative perspectives, and investigating current and emerging educational theories, practices, and issues.

Curriculum Design and Implementation for Multi-Needs Populations
This core course is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills of the curriculum development process as well as awareness of societal demands on the curriculum. Effective curriculum development and implementation is a dynamic and continuous process through which teachers can plan, implement and evaluate the instructional program in a systematic and logical way. Particular attention is given to designing and organizing curriculum and selecting teaching strategies, which effectively create a learning environment to meet the diverse needs of students. Students cover the major components of the curriculum development process including developing philosophy and objectives, needs assessment, instructional planning and implementation, assessment and evaluation, and curriculum refinement. Emphasis is given to the curriculum areas of Fine Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students demonstrate curriculum competencies through the development of various curriculum projects, which include understanding a variety of teaching strategies, resource applications, and student assessment.

Literacy in Elementary and Middle School Education
This specialized course in literacy education examines literature and research related to literacy development. Specific attention is focused on language development, reading/writing process and on literature based instruction. Classroom strategies and curriculum adaptations that enhance the learning and motivation of diverse learners, including those which integrate the Fine Arts, are presented, implemented, and appraised.

Research in Education
In this core course students engage in the scientific reasoning process and reflect upon this process as it relates to the educator's role. The goals and methods of educational research, the reading and analysis of primary sources, development of an educational research proposal using research, and the teacher as a researcher are explored. In addition, course material includes currently used research strategies, such as ethnographic studies and the case study approach. Emerging educational practices that are research based are highlighted. Appropriate inferential and descriptive statistical methodologies are also studied.

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