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COST of Master of Education in Curriculum & Teaching
(with or without professional or initial licensure embedded)

The cost of the 36-credit Fitchburg State College Master of Education offered through Catherine Leahy Brine, Inc. is $410 per credit. This cost is the same for Master of Education-only candidates or for candidates who also wish to embed licensure within the 36-credit Master of Education Program.

Cost of the program is less with transfer credits. (see transfer policy)

 The full program (no transfer credits) $14,760
 The full program with 3 transfer credits (1 course) $13,530
 The full program with 6 transfer credits (2 courses) $12,300
 The full program with 9 transfer credits (3 courses) $11,070
 The full program with 12 transfer credits (4 courses) $9,840

Please note:

Additional Fees:

  • Application fee of $50.00, payable to Fitchburg State. (non-refundable)
  • Catherine Leahy Cover Sheet with the non-refundable application/processing fee of $150, payable to Catherine Leahy Brine, Inc. **This will be deducted from your first tuition payment when you start the program.
  • Book and/or materials fees for each course, as determined by each instructor.
  • $30 user fee for each on-line course
  • There is a $1,000 Practicum fee for placements in schools within a 30 mile radius of Weymouth. There is an additional fee of $250 for every 30 miles thereafter.
  • Tuition is made in two equal installment payments: when you begin the program and 5 months into the program.
  • Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo Loans through Fitchburg State University are available. Proof of loan application and approval must be made before the program begins.

Application Materials

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